XaaS Research: Revenue Models and Productivity

Set the Rules for Winning

In today’s customer-centric environment, identifying and landing a prospect is no longer sufficient. New XaaS revenue models require post-land investments across the entire customer life-cycle and are critical for continued growth and scale.

Join Alexander Group’s latest XaaS research opportunity. Address critical go-to-customer model dynamics affecting account acquisition and customer lifetime value, leverage best practices and industry-specific insights for your tech firm and learn where you stand against key productivity benchmarks.

Alexander Group’s extensive research and benchmarking can help your organization set the rules for winning.

Research Focus:

  1. Maximize shareholder value
    Discover the right balance of growth vs. efficiency, and drive predictable recurring revenue and sales force productivity
  2. Optimize new logo acquisition
    Understand contemporary customer acquisition strategies while minimizing costs and achieving the right sales and marketing investments
  3. Protect your customer base and drive expansion growth
    Discover the best strategies and coverage models to increase net retention rates for your organization and customer lifetime value
  4. Optimize the annual planning process
    Utilize data and benchmarks to create the right coverage model for each customer segment, determine best deployment ratios across roles and set the appropriate quotas and compensation plans

Determine which go-to-customer models are optimal for your organization and where you stand against benchmarks such as:

  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Support headcount investment
  • Seller productivity (bookings)
  • Pay levels
  • Expansion growth
  • Sales compensation plan design

Participation is complimentary and confidential. You will receive a customized benchmarking comparison as part of the research findings along with an in-depth report of industry trends and developments.

To participate in this research, please complete the form and a practice leader will be in contact with you.

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