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Alexander Group’s PE Insiders Council provides an outlet for PE deal and operating partners to discuss contemporary issues and key imperatives for portfolio companies to leverage go-to-market growth drivers for valuation improvement.

As a member, you will gain access to Alexander Group’s insights, metrics and benchmarks on go-to-market challenges and best practices. Membership is complimentary and provides the opportunity to receive Alexander Group’s newly developed research and survey briefings, join PE community networking events and stay up-to-date on current go-to-market industry trends through our monthly newsletter.

In addition, the PE Insiders Council provides specific project benefits for our PE clients which include:

How We Help

  • Single Alexander Group point of contact: Senior leader accountable for overal relationship to ensure project quality, manage stakeholders and measure results.
  • Oversight from Alexander Group vertical leaders: Client manager will involve vertical leaders to provide subject matter expertise to project teams.
  • Weekly status updates to deal and operating teams: Email updates to core PE team and all relevant stakeholders to include project progress, flag any potential challenges and share deliverables.
  • Annual year-in-review and planning cadence: Alexander Group will share results from prior year including engagement by portfolio company, results and trends along with a plan for the upcoming year identifying portfolio company challenges and macro trends impacting go-to-market.
  • Access to Alexaner Group events: Enrollment in Alexander Group’s PE Insiders Council providing invitations to in-person and virtual events.
  • Standard scoping and pricing approach: Consistent and streamlined soping approach including areas of focus, level of Alexander Group involvement and timing leading to a tight price range by project type.
  • Expedited diligence staffing: 48-hour turnaround for staffing commercial diligence projects.
  • Non-project support: Access to additional offerings including portfolio-specific benchmarking, sales compensation playbooks and customized IP.
  • PE firm/portfolio company-specific events: Alexander Group will provide experts to lead and facilitate sales kickoffs, CRO summits, internal webinars and more.

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Research that Answers Questions and Solves Problems

At Alexander Group, we base our opinions on experience an facts. With thousands of distinct data points on sales utilization and revenue growth and research opportunities on industry and company-specific issues and actions, our research provides the data that leads to actionable insights.

Practice Leadership

CRO Summits

Complimentary sessions for deal, operating and management teams on topics including profitable growth, navigating disruption, go-to-market levers, VCP execution, change adoption, revenue motions, pricing, sales optimization and more.