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Align Your Resources with Customers

Get the Job Done: Sales Coverage Models to Unlock Revenue Growth

Getting your sales coverage model right ensures your return on sales investment. In addition, you will be able to reach your target customers most effectively by aligning buying needs and buyer behaviors with the appropriate channels and roles.

The correct coverage model will enable you to successfully sell to new and existing customers, expand markets or industries and ensure ROI on headcount investments.

Alexander Group helps companies design a comprehensive coverage model that supports growth goals for your organization.

Sales Coverage Model Design Questions You Should Ask

Deploying the right roles and routes to market for each customer segment is key to driving revenue growth but requires thoughtful answers to these questions:

Which customers offer the most opportunity? Understanding customer buying habits and needs allow you to group them by similarities and economic attractiveness, focusing on which customers merit the most effort. Your resulting sales strategy will target the right customers and help you effectively deploy your selling resources.

Which channels best serve each type of customer? Next, determine which sales channel combinations allow you to effectively reach your target market—with the appropriate sales cost.

What type of sellers and structure will provide the best coverage? Define sales job roles, support and enablement requirements, functional accountability, organizational structure and reporting relationships to optimize your sales coverage model investment. Clearly defining job roles allows effective management of these resources through quota setting, compensation and training while driving the right behaviors.

What is the right size sales force? Analyze and model the right headcount and deployment ratios for the types of roles needed to optimize the cost of sales and maximize sales ROI.

When do we review our coverage model? Review your model annually for best results. As your business strategy evolves and changes, so should your sales coverage model. That is why leading companies include coverage model evaluation into fiscal year planning to maintain alignment between their sales force and financial goals.

Alexander Group’s sales coverage expertise helps you:

  1. Translate customer opportunity to sales coverage decisions
  2. Focus precious resources on the right customers and channels
  3. Select the best types of roles: direct sales vs. agents, field vs. inside sales, account management vs. product-focused

Alexander Group can help your commercial organization design and deploy the best coverage model to reach your customers effectively.

Need Help with Your Sales Coverage?

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