Product Commercialization

The Power of Product Commercialization

Driving Revenue Growth with Effective Commercialization

How you introduce and bring your new products to market can make or break your success in hitting your sales goals.

That is why successful product commercialization is critical to your revenue growth strategy. With a well-developed plan and clear blueprint, you can ensure the success of new product launches.

Alexander Group can help you develop your commercialization blueprint that includes priority actions based on the degree of impact, cost, effort, timing and feasibility.

Your Blueprint for Successful Product Commercialization

Product commercialization is essential for successful revenue growth. That is why you need a blueprint to bring your product to market that addresses every step from ideation to launch.

  • Ideation: What product research should you perform to make the most of your product development efforts? For example, should you conduct Voice of the Customer (VoC) research to ensure you solve existing pain points that will attract and retain your customer base? Which customer segments should you target? Have you identified key organizational stakeholders to include in the process?
  • Product lifecycle management: What is your product’s value proposition? Have you developed compelling messaging that addresses customer needs? What marketing resources do you need to support the launch and ongoing sales? How will you address future product enhancements and growth objectives?
  • Commercialization: What is your pricing strategy for each customer segment? What marketing and sales investments do you need to bring your product to market? What competitor offerings exist? Which channels will you use to sell your product? What systems, tools and training do you need to sell effectively?
  • Metrics: How do you know if your product meets your desired business objectives? What metrics will you use to evaluate the product? How will you monitor feedback to drive performance?

Your revenue growth depends on a focused product commercialization strategy. Alexander Group will partner with you to identify the initiatives that will successfully bring your new product to market and ensure you meet your revenue growth goals.

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