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Increase Seller Capacity and Optimize Broker Engagement Models

With the rising cost of healthcare, providers are searching for increased reimbursement from insurance carriers. At the same time, consumers are looking for greater price and cost transparency to make more informed decisions about their health insurance.

As a result, health insurance leaders are looking for new solutions to address increasingly complex consumer needs by evaluating:

  • Targeted investments in new roles, coverage models and sales support to improve customer engagement and seller enablement.
  • Increased sales force turnover as employees look to align company policies with their personal preferences.
  • Carrier headcount investments in alternative resources and alternative methods to improve recruitment and retention.
  • Inflation-induced, increased pay levels that impact the bottom line.

Alexander Group helps leading health insurance companies create new strategies focusing on evolving consumer preferences while new seller and broker engagement models to grow revenue.

How We Help

  • Commercial model transformations: Assess, develop and implement growth readiness roadmaps by analyzing market opportunities, identifying key growth drivers and prioritizing initiatives that align with your go-to-market strategy. Ensure that you are well-positioned for sustained revenue growth and profitability. Structure your sales, marketing and service organizations to win in your market and new markets.
  • Focused commercial model improvements: Accelerate revenue growth by improving select areas of your payor commercial model that require optimization. Redesign sales roles and enablement programs. Enhance Marketing strategy and structure. Improve revenue operations, lead generation, segmentation and targeting, job architecture and enablement programs that drive productivity.
  • Sales compensation: Develop sales compensation programs that align with Sales strategy while using incentive design best practices to ensure supporting quotas are robust enough to drive performance.
  • Benchmarking & research: Leverage Alexander Group’s comprehensive database to determine how your commercial model investment and productivity compare to the health insurance industry. Monitor and reforming your growth and profitability levers through benchmarking and research will help you find the right GTM strategy to drive revenue growth.
  • Broker Engagement: Ensure your broker engagement process is modern and up to date via accurate broker segmentation and compensation.

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