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Sales Compensation Hot Topics Survey

62% of organizations indicated that they increased sales compensation budgets year-over-year and 71% have or plan to implement compensation-related tactics to emphasize profitability. What trends are impacting sales comp programs and how can leaders take advantage of best practices?

Over 350 sales compensation leaders across business services, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing and distribution, media and technology industries responded to Alexander Group’s annual Sales Compensation Hot Topics survey. Participants provided insights on key sales comp topics including costs, quota planning and attainment, profitability, AI’s impact on comp, global comp practices, marketing comp practices and client/deliver services comp practices.

A few highlights include:

  • 33% of respondents indicated that the increase in sales comp budgets is driven by both increasing sales headcounts and sales compensation.
  • 76% of global organizations execute sales compensation plan governance through a centralized global team.
  • 2/3 of companies indicated that they have or will make leave of absence policies more employee friendly.
  • 14% of companies have at least one or more marketing roles on sales compensation plans.
  • AI impact is still in question; only 31% indicate that AI is likely to have a moderate to high impact on analytics, which includes cost modeling, ongoing analysis and reporting.

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