Industry Focus: Distribution

Demonstrate value to customers from the first point of contact

The role of the wholesale distributor is rapidly changing.

For years, distributors across market segments have thrived by delivering logistical and operational excellence valued by suppliers and end customers.

But now, new technologies, changing buyer preferences and evolving supplier growth strategies are forcing distributors to demonstrate value in new ways. Sales models that focused mainly on price and delivery are becoming obsolete as suppliers look to combine operational expertise with true sales skills to maintain and grow their place in the value chain.

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As distributor strategies change, their go-to-customer models will evolve. To accommodate this shift, companies must:

  • Segment into two populations: suppliers (to determine potential competition) and customers (to prioritize sales coverage)
  • Craft value propositions for end customers, determine the optimal combination of routes to customer and create jobs that align with their strategies
  • Create the training programs, tools and rewards necessary to attract and retain sellers

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Distribution leadership, including executives, sales and marketing leaders, must understand that evolving the go-to-customer model and professionalizing the sales force is not about if they should do it, but when to do it.

Case Study: Read how this distributor needed a more effective and efficient go-to-customer model to expand their coverage and to increase productivity.

The Alexander Group helps distribution companies determine where they are now, where they aspire to be and what steps they should take to start the journey. By utilizing our proven Revenue Growth Model, we can help you determine areas of improvement in your sales organization, as well as how to implement successful growth.

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