Training & Enablement

Empowering Your Partners for Success

Partner Enablement: It’s Win-Win

Selecting the right channel partners is critical in developing your partner program. But to ensure success, you must also train and enable your partners to effectively sell your products or services.

Alexander Group guides leading organizations in identifying the training and enablement programs partners need to promote your organization’s products and services and drive sustainable revenue growth.

Enabling Revenue Growth Through Partnerships

Your partners are essential to helping you reach new markets and achieve revenue growth goals. However, you must ensure they have access to the proper knowledge and tools to successfully sell your products or services.

To ensure your partners receive effective training and enablement tools, start by answering these questions.

  • Sales training program: Will your partners have access to your sales training on topics such as needs assessment, negotiation and overcoming objections? How will you train them according to your organization’s sales process? How will you prepare your partners to mitigate channel conflict with your direct sales force?
  • Technical training program: What is the appropriate level of technical training required to sell your products successfully? How will you provide product specification, installation and maintenance training?
  • Partner certification: Will you offer certification programs to validate the knowledge and skills of your partners? Does your certification program need to include product, market and sales techniques? Will your certification only be offered to certain partner types or tiers?
  • Tools: What types of tools will you provide? For example, will partners have access to a self-service portal, case studies, product demos or demo equipment?
  • Community: Can your partners access technical boards or online forums to connect with other vendors?
  • Marketing & business enablement: Will you offer co-marketing opportunities so your partners can increase their visibility and credibility with customers? Should you only provide enablement benefits to your most strategic partners? What level of pre- and post-sales support should you provide to your partners? Will you provide sales tools, data and leads?
  • Performance monitoring & measuring: How do you continually evaluate partner capabilities and performance against financial objectives? How do you communicate these milestones and progress to your partners?

Choosing the right mix of options depends on your requirements, budget and resources. Alexander Group helps companies prioritize their channel partner training needs by selecting the options that drive growth, optimize costs and align with business objectives.

Need Help With Your Channel Partnerships?

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