RevOps Transformation

Build A World-Class RevOps Capability

A Growth and Productivity Multiplier

Revenue Operations transformation projects can take several forms, including the creation of a new function where one didn’t exist, expanding the scope of commercial operations or evolving the current capabilities to support a change in the go-to-market model. It’s important to ensure your RevOps structure and capabilities align with the broader commercial organization’s growth phase and current strategic priorities. Effective revenue operations teams drive growth, deliver scale and enhance the execution of the commercial organization. Alexander Group can help you answer the critical questions associated with a world-class Revenue Operations capability:

  • Driving Growth. What operating framework is required to drive growth? What tools, information, data and insights do you need to support customer-facing teams?
  • Delivering Scale. Which functions and processes should you centralize or decentralize? What is the actual capacity of your organization? How can you optimize data and digital investments to drive incremental productivity?
  • Enhancing Execution. How can best practices be shared quickly and efficiently? What are the inputs, outputs and processes required to optimize your team? What governance processes must your team implement?

Alexander Group helps leading companies transform their revenue operations by uncovering existing roadblocks and developing solutions that meet your organization’s evolving needs.

Continuous RevOps Evolution Is Key to Success

RevOps must continually adapt to increasing complexities, revenue goals and customer needs like their customer-facing counterparts. Often this means doing something different or new and, more importantly, re-examining how you execute specific roles, processes or programs. Alexander Group’s transformation engagements reveal potential challenges, paving the way to ensure RevOp’s success. The projects stage includes:

  • Vision Alignment: A proven way to develop a holistic RevOps organization begins with vision alignment, the first step to any transformation project. Without a properly defined vision, you lack the assurance of fundamental principles, including common definitions, success metrics and operational guardrails that guide your RevOps organization’s evolution. Alexander Group works with all RevOps stakeholders to include multiple voices and goals in your vision.
  • Current State Assessment: Understanding today’s state is essential and starts with your company-specific data and then uses our firm’s frameworks, benchmarks and best-in-class expertise to determine the effectiveness of your current state of operations. We provide extensive leadership with strong client involvement to isolate and articulate top opportunities.
  • Future-State Development: We work with you to craft your desired future-state RevOps model based on insights and observations from the current state assessment. Alexander Group also includes a high-level summary of workstreams required to bring the new model to life.
  • Implementation: Change management starts on Day One. We work closely with you to enroll change agents and collaborate with team members throughout the project. This approach ensures consistent control of program messaging, communication and coordination to minimize disruptions. Upon approval of the future-state recommendations, Alexander Group works with you to build an implementation guide that includes a detailed launch plan, communication strategy and metrics dashboard to guide plan execution.

When your organization is ready to transform Revenue Operations, Alexander Group can help you develop a practical revenue growth framework that supports your business objectives.

RevOps Research & Benchmarking

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