Service Operations

Ensures Success with Service Operations Strategies

Proactive, Strategic Revenue & Service Operations Enable Growth

Is your service operations team still focusing on reactive, tactical problems that don’t add value to your customers? Now is the time to develop a service operations team that helps drive revenue and expand their potential.

Alexander Group helps companies structure their Revenue and Service Operations to increase ROI with a clear roadmap for revenue generation, adding value to your customers and bottom line.

Clear Planning & Defined Operations Support Growth Targets

Today’s revenue and service operations teams face a series of challenges that include:

  • Unclear objectives, rendering it stuck in the daily grind of tactical administrative “break/fix” problem-solving.
  • Undefined roles in Revenue and Service Operations, resulting in a lack of focus and more reactive activity.
  • Lack of a straightforward annual planning process delays the implementation of critical programs like sales and service motions, territories and compensation.
  • Untracked investments in tools, training and support resources, leaving future investment decisions based on status quo rather than impact and ROI.
  • Disconnected activities that do not support your go-to-market priorities and lead to distrust between Operations and related functions.
  • A traditional cost center approach that renders Sales and Service Operations vulnerable to cutbacks and streamlining precisely when more investment may be needed.

However, leading companies are transforming their revenue and service operations capabilities by:

  • Centralizing key activities to gain efficiency and “center of excellence” benefits.
  • Increasing usage of systems and tools to drive automation and analytical insights.
  • Expanding the Services Operations function into Marketing, Sales and Business Operations.

Through our extensive knowledge of the Revenue, Sales and Service Operations functions, Alexander Group helps clients reinvent their Operations capabilities to focus on driving revenue growth. With a detailed look at your company’s existing Operations functions, we help you:

  • Evaluate and redefine the Service Operations charter.
  • Examine your current investments in people, processes and tools.
  • Create a roadmap that provides the structure and programmatic activities required for revenue generation.

Alexander Group will assist you in aligning your Service Operations with your strategy to drive revenue generation and enhanced value.

Need Help With your Operations Strategy?

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