Executive Access

Executive Access Subscription For Revenue Operations Leaders

Stay Ahead of Industry Trends

You are constantly in planning mode. You need to make informed business decisions. And you need to stay ahead of the latest marketing, sales and service trends. Alexander Group’s Executive Access subscription can help you do just that.

The subscription features benchmarks, advisory discussions with industry and topical experts, custom comparisons to industry subsectors and advice on topics like lead generation strategies, sales coverage approaches, sales compensation design and more.

Learn best practices from Revenue Operations experts on how to democratize commercial data between marketing and sales, improve forecasting and lead generation, design new coverage models and commercial roles, set quotas, establish territories, design compensation plans and more.

Get the Right Data at the Right Time:

  • Productivity Per Seller Rates
  • Marketing and Sales Expense to Revenue Ratios
  • People, Program and Technology Costs
  • Headcount Ratios
  • Marketing and Sales Role Pay Levels
  • Service Efficiency & Costs
  • Revenue Operations Team Structures, Technologies & Investments
  • Compensation Plan Design Measures & Mechanics

Subscription Includes:

  • Tailored Benchmarks

    Prioritize investments and programs with confidence

    50+ metrics compared to tailored cohorts

  • Events

    Gather and test new ideas; build new relationships

    Passes to all marquee events

  • Research Briefings

    Stay ahead of the latest industry trends

    New reports, portal access & regular briefings

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