Process, Messaging & Execution

Clear Sales Process & Messaging Supports Scalable Growth

Execute to Win

Companies often envision an effective sales process, but need strong execution to support sellers to achieve targets effectively.

Do you have a well-defined, documented and consistently adopted sales process for existing and new sellers? Do sellers clearly understand and articulate the value proposition and messaging that resonates with customers to meet their needs? Do sellers willingly adopt your recommended approach?

Alexander Group helps companies identify and remedy inconsistent sales processes to help them achieve their business goals and maximize their sales investment.

A Well-Defined, Actionable Sales Process is Critical

Well-executed sales processes are critical for revenue success. Adopting a consistent sales process and aligned motions are essential and should highlight roles and responsibilities that drive the overall revenue growth strategy. Clarity also supports customer experience through seamless pre-sales, sales and post-sales transitions.

Sales processes look beyond training methodologies and approaches and need to consider the full set of activities, rules of engagement and tools. Successful process execution requires value propositions and key messages that resonate with each target market segment. Sellers are more likely to understand and communicate the value of your offering with a prospect or existing customer. Companies with effective messaging throughout their sales processes typically enjoy higher win rates.

Alexander Group supports revenue leaders by asking important questions that include:

  • Value-based messaging: Do you have compelling value propositions by revenue segment? Are sales messages tuned to the revenue segments?
  • Defined revenue motions: Do you have the correct sales, marketing and service motions? Are the motions codified for each phase of the pre-sale and post-sales process to enable your growth?
  • Sales execution: Have you documented sales process phases, stages, steps and activities? Have you confirmed all roles and rules of engagement? Which tools and templates are required at each step? What is the exit criteria needed to proceed to the next sales process stage?
  • Marketing collaboration: Which steps require collaboration between sales managers, sellers and marketing departments?

Alexander Group can work with you to tailor your messaging to specific revenue segments, define sales process steps and reach targeted segments. As a result, you can be confident that you have the proper approach to execute your sales goals.

Ready to assess and codify your Process and Messaging?

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