Executive Access

Executive Access Subscription For Sales Compensation Leaders

Access the Best Benchmarks & Advice to Support Sales Compensation Plan Changes

Alexander Group’s Executive Access compensation benchmarking, research and advisory program offers industry-specific data and guidance critical to making the right design decisions.

The subscription offers customized benchmarks from a deep database of industry-specific insights and research on on plan design for different roles, sales incentive eligibility, pay levels and more.

Beyond the benchmarks and research, subscribers also receive expert, tailored advice from the world’s leading compensation consultants on plan design, compensation cost management, sales productivity enablement, quota setting and compensation governance.

Receive 50+ Compensation and Sales Benchmarks:

  • Pay Levels and Pay Mix for Marketing & Sales Roles
  • Total Compensation Costs, Commission Costs, & Bonus Costs
  • Sales Performance Measures, Mechanics, KPIs and Measurements
  • Threshold, Leverage, Upside and Excellence Levels
  • Sales Productivity Levels and Quotas

Subscription Includes:

  • Tailored Benchmarks

    Prioritize investments and programs with confidence

    50+ metrics compared to tailored cohorts

  • Events

    Gather and test new ideas; build new relationships

    Passes to all marquee events

  • Research Briefings

    Stay ahead of the latest industry trends

    New reports, portal access & regular briefings

We benchmark with Alexander Group each year to ensure our pay is in line with the market for our 10+ different sales roles. VP of Compensation, F50 Company

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