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Commercial & Industrial Services Growth and Go-to-Market Imperatives

How can commercial and industrial firms face the complex challenges of today’s market while still achieving their growth potential?

These companies face challenges, including securing and safely maintaining facilities, production lines and equipment. In addition, they must enter unfamiliar markets while moving goods across complex supply chains to grow revenue.

Many service providers, including logistics, equipment maintenance and facilities management, have built multi-billion dollar revenue streams and service hubs across the globe but must redefine their commercial models to reflect the following:

  • Unmanaged Growth: “We don’t have our assets where the growth is.”
  • Decentralized Models: “You can’t manage a national customer from one local service center.”
  • Service Proliferation and Customization: “We went from selling one core offering to nine across all segments.”
  • Technology Enablement: “Our customers can find a brokered service provider in one hour.”

For long-term growth, manufacturers and tech firms must aggressively invest in their service arms, drive growth and lock in long-term revenue streams. Alexander Group helps commercial and industrial companies identify untapped opportunities while maximizing their resource investments to achieve revenue growth targets.

How We Help

  • Centralize functions to take advantage of centers of excellence and global best practices: Optimize their processes and take advantage of centers of excellence and global best practices to improve operations, increase efficiency and reduce costs, improving their ability to deal with unmanaged growth and decentralized models.
  • Consolidate offerings and effectively scale high-margin and high-value services to the right market segments: To address the challenges of service proliferation and customization, consolidate offerings and focus on high-margin and high-value services to scale business to the right market segments effectively.
  • Create advanced sales and service organizations with effective job roles, channels and leadership: Establish effective channel management strategies to reach the right customers with the right messaging through the proper channels. Develop a cohesive and motivated team that can work towards common goals to compete effectively and grow.
  • Embrace technology to improve customer satisfaction, increase close rates and capture more revenue post-sales: Improve operations, increase efficiency and better respond to customer demands by embracing technology. This approach effectively deals with the challenges of technology enablement, where companies must react quickly to customer demands.
  • Enhance recruitment and talent development programs to reduce high industry attrition rates and rapidly build skills in complex service offerings: Attracting and retaining top talent requires offering competitive compensation and benefits packages. Develop programs specifically targeted at attracting and retaining top talent.
  • Re-build outdated incentive programs that drive complacency and limit new growth: When dealing with the challenges of unmanaged growth and decentralized models, companies must adapt quickly to new markets and customer needs. Motivate employees to drive growth and respond to changing market conditions.

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