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Commercial Practices to Drive Profitable Growth & Valuation

Marketing, Sales and Service Functions Engage in Profitable Growth Practices Across Buyer Journey

Collaboration across marketing, sales and service functions is essential to engage customers across the buyer journey, from awareness to loyalty. By aligning these functions and optimizing their performance, businesses can increase their revenue and profitability. How do you optimize your commercial practices to achieve profitable growth and valuation? This is a question that many business leaders face in today’s competitive and dynamic market.

Alexander Group surveyed over 1,000 companies covering 13 metrics categories including pricing, sales, marketing, customer service, innovation and more. Based on our client engagements and the recent survey, the following highlights were extracted:

  • 73% of high-performing organizations monitor the interconnections of marketing KPIs from reach to response and results to return
  • 67% of leaders plan to increase marketing investment with the top priority being digital marketing
  • Leaders are gaining 1.4x higher revenue per seller compared to peers
  • 94% of companies are maintaining or increasing customer success manager headcount in 2023

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