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Life Sciences: The Modern Marketing Organization

B2C marketing organizations often operate on the frontier for modern marketing motions. The broader B2B marketing world looks to this community for talent, best practices and ROI stories to underpin investment cases.

Alexander Group’s latest marketing research effort explores how life sciences and analytical instruments marketing organizations strive to apply innovative B2C marketing best practices in a B2B world. Alexander Group conducted a survey of 100+ life sciences marketing leaders to better understand what marketing priorities and investments they are implementing to take their organizations into the modern era.

Marketing leaders are:

Revisiting data integrity and actionability: 80% of marketing leaders are focused on the integrity and actionability of their first-party data primarily due to regulatory and privacy constraints.

Driving Efficiency Through Organizational Design: Leaders expressed an executive imperative for marketing teams to drive efficiency across the organizational ecosystem. Reducing diffused structures, educating internal stakeholders, keeping teams lean and eliminating redundant roles and activities.

Advancing segmentation and targeting practices: 80% of marketing leaders are doubling down on organization definitions of segmentation and ideal customer profiles.

Repositioning marketing channel activities: 90% of life sciences marketing leaders are repositioning reliance from outbound to inbound activities, with aim to better leverage valuable content that is relevant and useful for customers.

Accelerating adoption and integrating tools: Participants universally agree that less is more when determining the MarTech stack.

Leaning on metrics and outcomes: Modern marketing organizations lean on a wide range of metrics to guide their decision-making and support the case for sustained investment.

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