Strategic Alignment

RevOps Strategic Alignment Is Priority #1

Build Cross-Functional Buy-In

Defining the Revenue or Commercial Operations vision allows you to communicate your priorities and articulate its purpose across the organization. Supporting this process requires vision alignment and buy-in across stakeholders, including business executives, functional leaders, geographical regions and business units.

Alexander Group helps firms lead this development process by working with all operations stakeholders to ensure multiple perspectives are included and addressed.

Align RevOps Vision With Leader Objectives

Gaining C-level support for Revenue Operations is a key part of strategic alignment. A commercial or revenue operations leader’s job is to help the organization generate revenue, but it is often a double-edged sword.

You want to make it as seamless as possible, but a lot is going on behind the scenes. You must support and manage all the data and account hierarchies to create a comprehensive picture that helps drive strategic insight. It is essential to gain C-level support on the overall strategic alignment while maintaining their interest in details.

Successfully navigating these priorities requires developing a holistic RevOps organization, starting with vision alignment. Without a properly defined vision, you lack the assurance of basic principles like common definitions, success metrics and guardrails for your RevOps organization’s future evolution.

While drafting the vision statement appears straightforward, the alignment among executives and other RevOps stakeholders can be a challenge. Alexander Group leads this process by first confirming the business goals and executive leadership expectations from Revenue Operations to ensure the vision ultimately supports these critical objectives.

Next, we work collaboratively with revenue operations leaders to create a draft, then hold validation sessions with appropriate stakeholders to secure alignment. Again, gaining early leadership buy-in leads to faster final commitment and better change adoption.

Alexander Group helps you define your unique vision and strategy for the future state of your revenue operations team and work with appropriate stakeholders throughout your organization to gain alignment and the buy-in necessary for continued success.

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