Proven Methodology to Accelerate Sales

Leveraging the Revenue Growth Model

A world-class sales organization is a competitive differentiator in today’s environment of heightened competition and increased customer expectations. In addition, your revenue organization, including marketing, sales, service and support teams, must be equipped to deliver value from your products and services, command a premium and deliver profitable growth.

Creating a top-performing sales organization takes focus and investment. Leading companies rely on Alexander Group’s Sales Consulting Services to align their strategy, customer needs, resources and market forces to develop an efficient, market-competitive, profitable commercial organization.

How We Help

  • Strategy: Assess potential sources of growth, define your revenue segments and identify the right mix of resources to tap into them.
  • Structure: Build routes to market, clarify job roles and work processes, and populate roles with the right talent to execute your growth strategy and meet buyer needs.
  • Management: Measure, track and manage for constant improvement and alignment.
  • Enablement: Ensure sales model success and revenue growth with targeted investments in Sales Operations, processes and digital technologies.

Sales Consulting Services Tailored for You

Alexander Group’s Sales Consulting Services can help you build a revenue growth strategy tailored to your industry, market opportunity and organization’s phase of growth. Then, we back up your structure and management recommendations to ensure you put the strategy in motion. We’ll help you:

  • Target the right opportunities: Determine the best sources for revenue growth, including the most effective messages and motions to sell to those sources.
  • Assess the value of your revenue sources: Define your revenue opportunities by customer, product and channel to define the overall market potential.
  • Invest where it matters: Ensure optimal use of resources, sales investments and routes-to-market to capture revenue growth.
  • Plan for the future: Scale your sales force using headcount planning and driving seller productivity.
  • Pay for performance: Deploy market-competitive sales compensation plans and reward desired selling behavior.
  • Enable your revenue growth: Support sales teams in reaching your organization’s selling goals through quota setting, rewards, operations, processes and digital technologies.

Alexander Group understands your revenue growth challenges. We know that aligning Product, Marketing, Operations and Finance efforts behind a successful sales organization takes insight and hard work. Alexander Group assists the world’s leading organizations to build the right revenue vision, transform their organizations and deliver results.

Revenue Growth Model ™
Revenue Leadership
Revenue Segments
Value Propositions
Revenue Motions
Channel Coverage
Organization & Job Design
Sizing & Deployment
Talent, Skills & Supervision
Productivity, Quotas & Metrics
Compensation & Rewards
Revenue Enablement: Operations Process & Digital Technologies

Revenue Segments

  • What are our best revenue opportunities — defined by customers, products, channels?
  • Do we know revenue segment potential?
  • How much revenue can we capture?

Value Propositions

  • Do we have effective value propositions by revenue segment?
  • Do we have sales messages tuned to the revenue segments?

Revenue Motions

  • Do we have the correct sales motions?
  • Do we have the correct marketing motions?
  • Do we have the correct service motions?

Channel Coverage

  • Are we employing the optimal use of direct, inside and channel routes to market?
  • Are sales investments focused on the right customers?

Organization & Job Design

  • Do we have the right sales roles?
  • Is each role clearly defined based on product, process and customer focus?
  • Is our sales management structure aligned to our needs?

Sizing & Deployment

  • Do we have the right sales force size?
  • Are deployment ratios for pre-sales, post-sales and specialists appropriate?
  • Is our manager span of control correct?
  • Are territories well-defined and balanced?

Talent, SKills & Supervision

  • Do we effectively attract and recruit talent?
  • Do our sales onboarding and training programs successfully ramp new hires?
  • Are our managers equipped to coach?
  • Do we manage out poor performers?

Productivity, Quotas & Metrics

  • Do we track the right metrics to manage sales productivity?
  • Do we have an effective quota system?
  • Do we have accurate and impactful reporting?

Compensation & Rewards

  • Are we measuring and holding accountable the right selling behaviors?
  • Do we have aligned and effective rewards and sales compensation programs?

Revenue Enablement: Operations, Processes & Digital Technologies

  • Have we made the right investments in sales operations given our goals?
  • Is our sales operations function organized for success?
  • Do we effectively employ CRM and SPM?
Success for the sales organization of tomorrow will be able to leverage big data and solutions that provide value to the client. They cannot just be point solutions, they have to be something that solves a strategic problem and addresses a strategic need. – Healthcare VP, Sales Development
Our partners with the Alexander Group are easy to work with, and certainly knowledgeable in their field. They don’t just tell you what you want to hear, they challenge assumptions. They are giving you different viewpoints of things for you to consider to get you focused and pointed in the right direction to be as successful as you can. – Media VP Sales Strategy and Operations
We have to create a new vision for our sales teams, and we cannot just sell products anymore. That is done. We have to be a consultant to our customers. – Technology Global Customer Experience Leader

Need Help with Your Sales Strategy?

Experts at the Alexander Group can help you build, improve and maintain your sales organization to increase revenue growth.