Revenue & Commercial Ops

RevOps: Your Foundation for Revenue Growth

What is Revenue Operations (RevOps)?

At the highest level, revenue or commercial operations – is responsible for operationalizing the commercial plan from strategy to execution. Across industries and go-to-market models, it can include a range of roles, responsibilities, tools and processes. Expanding the scope of a typical commercial operations team, a strong revenue operations capability allows companies to scale and increase productivity, creating a partnership, alignment and accountability across Marketing, Sales and Service. This seamless connection and an increased emphasis on metrics and operational efficiency help your organization respond to rapidly changing customer demands.

Alexander Group can help you develop a best-in-class RevOps function to effectively and efficiently maximize the return on your revenue-generating investments.

How We Help

  • Assess current state: Assess the current state of your RevOps function in light of your established growth strategy and organizational and partner needs. Alexander Group uses relevant, proprietary benchmarks to compare your overall investment in RevOps to your industry peers.
  • Align the vision: Create a shared vision among functional stakeholders while aligning on design principles and common definitions of success. Together, we work together to clarify your RevOps priorities and articulate its purpose across your organization.
  • Design the details: Determine the most appropriate structure, given your current organizational growth phase. It is critical to define your required functions, including their processes, associated roles paired with designated responsibilities, and ideal headcount. We’ll also confirm the right RevOps technology needed to support defined functions adequately.
  • Execute for the future: Ensure successful implementation through proper communication and change adoption procedures. Alexander Group will help you identify and mitigate common RevOps build out risks, setting the stage for continued review and refinement required to optimize your organizational impact.

Continued Growth Requires Support & Enablement

As your commercial organization evolves, your revenue operations function must adapt. The ultimate objective is a scalable and proactive RevOps function that will:

  • Unify the commercial strategy across Marketing, Sales and Service
  • Provide insight and drive processes that increase commercial team productivity to grow existing and new business
  • Enhance customer experience and revenue potential through cross-functional operations
  • Provide advanced analytics that use forward-looking data to drive decision-making for commercial teams

As companies look to accelerate growth and improve productivity Revenue Operations becomes a collaborative partner and catalyst with marketing, sales and service teams. Companies benefit from increased strategic alignment, improved planning, efficiency in critical functions and activities, a holistic view of customers and buyers, and enhanced customer satisfaction and experience.

Based on Alexander Group’s research with leading global companies, companies prioritizing Revenue Operations will experience exceptional results. For example, in certain sectors, companies that invest more in Revenue Operations, compared to the market average, achieve:

  • 31% higher growth
  • 23% lower expense-to-revenue ratios
  • 17% more revenue from new customers

Alexander Group helps firms like yours to align RevOps functions, transforming today’s operations to achieve tomorrow’s revenue growth objectives.


Spotlight: Revenue Operations

How is the rise of revenue operations affecting companies?

Alexander Group has been extremely helpful in helping us to think through change that impacts our Sales and Operations, and fundamentally, many different parts of our organization. – Technology Executive Vice President
Alexander Group is really unique, in that they focused on the commercial world — on Sales and Commercial operations. I don’t know of another true consulting company that has that level of focus. Nobody understands our function better than the Alexander Group, and we see that in our results. – Healthcare Vice President

RevOps Research & Benchmarking

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