Strategy & Structure

Revenue Growth Begins With Strategy

Service Strategies for Growth

Positioning your company for revenue growth demands high organizational readiness, including an in-depth look at every facet of the services organization. But the payoff is worth the effort since companies receive 10-20% revenue gains from successfully implementing growth strategies.

It is critical to determine your strategy for growth and deploy a services organization structure that will support that strategy and drive sustainable revenue growth.

Alexander Group helps leading companies define revenue growth strategies to remain market-competitive and achieve their business goals.

Strategy and Structure for Success

What is the best Service strategy for revenue growth? Success depends on a plan tailored to your revenue segments and customer needs. Proper execution of your strategy is essential but requires an all-inclusive design that optimizes results.

Alexander Group can help to create a comprehensive Service strategy that answers the following questions:

  • Service segments: What factors will you use to determine your services team’s customer segments, including customer spend, industry and opportunity? What customer service problems should you address for each segment? How do you define and prioritize your customer segments to determine the service provided?
  • Service motions: How do you differentiate service levels by customer segment? What combination of service motions and offerings will help you maximize customer satisfaction? What customer segments are the most strategic and require ‘white glove’ service? What service touchpoints do you need for each customer segment, including digital, low-touch and high-touch support?
  • Service coverage: Are your service investments focused on the right customers?
  • Organizational & job design: Do you have the right service roles? Is each role clearly defined based on process and customer focus? Is your management structure aligned with your needs?
  • Sizing & deployment: Do you have the correct headcount in your service roles? Have you addressed manager span-of-control issues? Are your service territories and workloads well-defined and balanced?

These interdependent factors require close coordination to develop an effective Sales and Service strategy. Small changes can profoundly affect your strategy execution and revenue growth goals.

Alexander Group works closely with you, bringing our expertise, proven methodology and proprietary analytics to help you design and execute sales models for professional service companies and service organizations that drive results.

Need Help With your Service Strategy?

Experts at the Alexander Group look to top organizations within your industry to see how they are bringing customers what they want and need in today’s market.