Marketing Technology

Accelerate Growth With Marketing Technology Strategies

Effective Marketing Technology Strategies

Marketing leaders participate closely with product, sales and service teams to offer the messaging, technologies and resources that attract customers and generate leads. However, many companies lack the resources, knowledge and coordination between strategy and systems, limiting their marketing effectiveness.

Correctly executing marketing technology strategies will maximize available resources and contribute to revenue growth.

Alexander Group helps companies use marketing technology to provide a better customer experience and assist them in meeting their revenue goals.

Operationalize Marketing Technology Across Organizational Ecosystems

Using the latest marketing technology can provide data insights that lead to improved customer experience. However, accelerating the adoption and integration of tools vs. investing in new platforms can be an overlooked option to drive efficiency and productivity.

Modern organizations are scaling to manage data across the ecosystem, including:

  • Accelerating the linkage of data and disparate systems with low adoption
  • Linking online and offline customer data, integrated and automated systems
  • Focusing on the integrity and actionability of customer, product, behavioral and transactional data
  • Addressing gaps in actionability with third-party data sources selectively

Leading marketing organizations are optimizing their marketing technology, accelerating productivity and maximizing investments. Key initiatives include:

  • Marketing Technology Assessment
  • Marketing Technology Blueprint and Recommendations Roadmap
  • E-commerce and Digital Strategy Assessment
  • E-commerce and Digital Blueprint
  • Data Diagnostic, Assessment and Blueprint

Alexander Group can help you align marketing technology investments to achieve business goals and drive growth.

New Research: Marketing Insights Study

Alexander Group recently interviewed 150+ marketing executives across industries to share data, insights and viewpoints on current marketing challenges and priorities including segmentation, channels, data, tools and organizational ecosystems.