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Forecasting and pipelines are essential planning tools that allow your organization to plan for the future and make informed decisions. However, these tools break down if forecasts are inaccurate. Inaccurate forecasting results in a lack of confidence in the methodology and hinders business leaders from conducting realistic assessments of the opportunity in their pipeline.

Alexander Group can partner with you in optimizing your forecasting and improving your pipeline accuracy to improve your planning process to reach your revenue growth goals.

Forecasting & Pipeline for Informed Decisions

Sales planning relies on accurate forecasting and pipeline data. Improving your forecasting process and pipeline reliability requires you to:

Assess your pipeline & data: First, review your current state of hygiene and data availability, and review forecasting analytics and your methodology used. Next, test your data variables that impact deal speed size and win/conversion rates. Then, determine the optimal mix of variables that drive larger and faster deals. Finally, compare your results against forecasting best practices and benchmarks.

Design & optimize your forecasting methodology: Create the optimal forecasting design for your current state forecasting execution. Then, create a roadmap to evolve your execution to a best practice/future state forecasting process and periodically create updated forecasts.

Stand up your analytics: Execute the roadmap to mature your forecasting process and improve your pipeline accuracy. Secure new data sources and execute on new methodology, resulting in updated forecasts across 30 and 30+ days.

Even the most diligent forecasting practices may not answer all of your questions, which include:

  • What are the industry best practices and benchmarks you should consider when forecasting your sales results?
  • What is the optimal option to forecast sales? How far can you move towards optimal in the coming period?
  • What is your revised pipeline for the next performance periods? 30 Days/60 Days/90 Days/180 Days?
  • What does the roadmap (initiatives and forecasting activities) look like that will get you to an optimal forecasting and pipeline state?

The benefits of an optimized forecasting process and reliable pipeline are significant. You will discover that improved forecasting results in better sales execution, more reliable quota setting, more efficient resource allocation and smarter budgeting and investment decisions.

Alexander Group understands your forecasting challenges and can help you improve the accuracy of your pipeline to make better decisions to grow revenue and improve profitability.

How Does Your Organization Compare to the Industry?

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