Navigating the Evolving FinTech Landscape

Adapt or Be Left Behind: The Fast-Changing FinTech Industry

The FinTech industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid change and innovation, as digital platforms are revolutionizing the way financial services are delivered. The industry is evolving quickly, and FinTech firms need to be agile and adapt to stay competitive and capitalize on the potential for gains.

FinTech and financial services firms are aggressively expanding FinTech platforms and value-added services to increase their competitive advantage and protect margins. Go-to-market models must evolve to deliver profitable growth and drive revenue realization. Internal pressures within the organization across Sales, Service, Finance and Leadership are forcing leaders to re-think prospect and client interactions, goal alignment, job roles, as well as traditional incentive plans that drive new behaviors.

How We Help

  • Assess and develop optimized coverage and job roles to drive revenue realization Alexander Group can help define the roles, tools and enablement programs that are needed to bridge sales forecasted revenue vs. actual revenue gaps.
  • Align goals and incentive compensation plans with the sales strategy and best practices in the FinTech industry to ensure successful execution Evaluating the current incentive plans and identifying any misalignments with sales strategy and best practices. Redesigning the incentive plans to align with the company’s goals and objectives and drive desired behaviors.
  • Increase sales of value-added services and prevent margin erosion while blocking out the competition Segmenting the market and identifying the most profitable customer segments, understanding their needs and preferences. Targeting them with tailored products and services that align with the company’s goals and objectives.
  • Determine the number of commercial resources needed to win against competition or launch a new FinTech product or service Identifying the key resources needed to launch a new product or service and meet growth goals. Understand market benchmarks and industry practices to acquire or reallocate necessary resources across Marketing, Sales and Service.
  • Identify the key strategic, structural and management levers that are essential for driving profitable revenue growth in the FinTech industry Analyzing the market trends, understanding the customer’s needs and preferences, identifying the key revenue streams and evaluating the internal and external factors that can impact the revenue growth.
  • Align your partner program to evolve with the Fintech landscape or be left behind Identify new partners, indirect channel requirements, revenue segments and coverage models to capitalize on growth opportunities without channel conflict. Expand into adjacent offerings like embedded finance, B2B Payments, Regtech or financial workflow management.

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