Marketing Operations

Using Marketing Operations Strategies to Accelerate Growth

Marketing Operations: A Competitive Differentiator

Leading marketing organizations are translating their marketing operations agility into profitable growth actions for their organizations. However, as today’s buyer’s journey evolves and increases in touchpoints, companies must radically adapt their marketing approach to enable efficient internal enablement to advance customer experiences.

Alexander Group helps companies develop best-in-class marketing operations strategy, enablement and performance management.

Optimizing Marketing Operations to Accelerate Growth

Organizations face many challenges embracing marketing operations strategy and enablement. Done right they provide a framework for making decisions, setting objectives and measuring progress.

Without well-defined marketing operations strategies, organizations can struggle to make informed decisions about their marketing strategies, allocate resources effectively and track progress over time.

Challenges include:

  • Charting strategic direction: Companies must efficiently translate company strategy into go-to-customer plans and activities in efficient ways as this is critical to growth.
  • Adapting to changing market conditions: Marketing processes must be flexible, agile and adaptable to continuously evolving buyer behaviors and market conditions.
  • Streamlining functional alignment & rules of engagement: Establishing the optimal operating model, and integrating other functions including Sales, Product, Customer Success and Service is critical, but coordinating activities across departments can be challenging.
  • Optimizing for the right marketing mix: Companies must choose the right combination of product, price, promotion and placement to create a coordinated marketing strategy aligned with business objectives. Internal resources, alignment of audience and channel prioritization, sales resources to customer types, and digital platforms all become part of the mix.
  • Accelerating adoption and integration of tools and technology: Organizations make significant investment in technical and human capital to support modern marketing activities yet few realize full scale benefits for internal colleagues and customer facing experiences.
  • Measuring performance: Measuring marketing performance with the right metrics is essential to optimize activities and ensure alignment with business objectives.

How are leading marketing organizations upgrading their marketing operations strategy, accelerating productivity and results? Key initiatives include:

  • Strategic Operating Plans
  • Marketing Planning Process Optimization
  • Business and Functional Operating Model Strategy
  • Marketing Technology Assessment and Enablement
  • Product Commercialization Process
  • Product Lifecycle Management Process
  • Lead to Revenue Lifecycle Management
  • Marketing Performance Management and Optimization

Alexander Group helps companies optimize Marketing Operations to accelerate business objectives, creating effective marketing processes, tools, engagement, enablement and performance to meet today’s changing environment.

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