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Challenging traditional life sciences sales models through the science of selling

Life sciences buyers are demanding more value, while company offerings are diversifying. Life sciences sales leaders must transform their models while optimizing sales investment ROI.

As economic conditions gradually improve, your company needs to invest in your customer coverage model to adapt and grow. Does your life sciences sales strategy include a plan for inside sales, specialists and account manager roles?

eBookLife Sciences sales leader – your world is changing, are you ready? This eBook includes internal and external factors for the new life sciences go-to-customer model. It also gives a peek at the 2016 Life Sciences Sales Trends. In addition to this eBook, listen to the webinar recording.

Change in the life sciences industry is forcing sales transformation, and there is much to learn from other industries on how to optimize sales models and increase sales productivity.

Life sciences companies spend far less on a per sales rep basis than technology and medical device companies. Also, spending on productivity investments is 56-75% lower as a proportion of total spend. Today, many life sciences companies focus their sales investment on a traditional, product-oriented selling model that has dominated the industry for years.

To successfully drive revenue growth, companies must change their life sciences sales strategy and take decisive action. It’s time to challenge your current legacy sales models in order to:

  • Re-think your sales strategy in terms of customer segments, sales channels and account targeting
  • Optimize the mix of sales resources to address the new selling environment
  • Drive higher sales rep productivity by effectively using productivity enablers
  • Develop and manage sales operations to support rep enablement at efficient cost

With deep cross-industry functional expertise in sales combined with life sciences industry focus, the experts at Alexander Group can show you how to invest smartly, execute efficiently and accelerate revenue growth.

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