Industry Focus: Life Sciences

Contemporary sales strategies create opportunities for increased revenue growth

Today’s life sciences and analytical instruments companies need updated strategies and a new approach to commercial execution.

Complex product portfolios, evolving customer expectations, fierce competition and uncertain growth with changing regulatory landscapes require your acute attention.

Growing revenue in the face of this complexity requires focus on four key areas:

  • Keep your customers at the center: Meet buyer demands with multichannel models and rethink the use of product specialists.
  • Orchestrate complex revenue motions: Provide a consistent buying experience and fulfill value propositions with revenue motions across marketing, sales and service.
  • Drive sales execution excellence: Invest in sales operations for efficient and scalable revenue growth; provide manager coaching to transform successful scientific sellers into high performing sales managers.
  • Manage cost of sales: Deploy new digital strategies to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Invest in inside sales teams and low-cost junior reps to augment tenured sellers to cost effectively cover low-volume accounts.

With deep cross-industry functional expertise in sales and revenue growth, the life sciences industry experts at Alexander Group can show you how to invest smartly, execute efficiently and accelerate growth. Contact us today.


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