Process Optimization

Build Revenue Operations Processes That Work

Where RevOps Rubber Meets the Road

Revenue and Commercial Operations ownership can be complex. Over time, these functions often take on a wide range of responsibilities that can include sales processes, order-to-cash, compliance, strategic planning and a host of other activities. So how can you ensure RevOps will drive efficiencies for each function?

The key is to create and maintain well-defined processes that are widely understood and followed.

Alexander Group works with firms to optimize Revenue Operations process management. It starts by defining each business unit’s appropriate ownership and responsibility for the corresponding RevOps capability and developing transparent operational processes and company performance metrics for ongoing oversight.

Revenue Growth Requires RevOps Process Excellence

As your organization matures, so should your revenue and commercial operations capabilities. Over time, many horizontal functions not specific to Sales, Service or Marketing require oversight, typically including Analytics and Reporting, Strategy and Planning, and similar functions. Your revenue operations team oversees these functions but needs to ensure process excellence, where all commercial organization processes are standardized and continuously optimized through consensus among functional leaders.

A well-defined and executed RevOps process increases seller productivity and enhances the customer experience. Ultimately, process improvement initiatives optimize RevOps resources and investment, helping to drive business growth.

Alexander Group works with you to understand process ownership, drivers and roadblocks. Then, we assess and redesign the Revenue Operations function to implement well-defined, consistent, disciplined, best practice-aligned processes.

We work with you to drive the development and documentation of role responsibilities and rules of engagement. These rules communicate interaction points and levels of engagement throughout the process and clarify when and how to engage other resources. In addition, with management coaching, performance metrics, compensation and goals, Alexander Group can help you adopt new and efficient processes.

Emerging RevOps Functions that Drive Sales Productivity & Time Savings

Creating Process Excellence and Process Operations functions can lead to a significant boost in seller productivity and improve overall customer experience.