Partner Programs & Incentives

Motivate & Reward Your Channel Partners

Build a Lasting Partner Program

Rewarding your partners is essential to maintaining healthy partner relationships and ensuring continued revenue growth. Partners need to be incentivized financially and through other program benefits, training and enablement.

Alexander Group can help you develop the right partner program and incentive strategy for your organization to reward your partners for the value they provide.

Developing Your Partner Program & Incentives

Building a formally structured partner program is critical in getting the most value from your partners, managing the cost to serve and appropriately rewarding your partners for their contributions. Once you have established your partner program strategy, you must consider how the program will be structured and how it will incentivize and benefit your partners.

Alexander Group can help you answer the most critical questions in building a lasting and rewarding partner program:

Program Structure

  • Loyalty programs: How will you deploy and operate your partner loyalty program? Will your loyalty program be structured around only financial rewards or include membership perks, such as classes and events?
  • Eligibility: How will partners qualify for your loyalty program? What are the financial, structural, strategic and engagement metrics you will use for eligibility?
  • Tiering: How will you segment or tier your partners? How many tiers should you have? How are program benefits differentiated across tiers? How are these tiers communicated both internally within your organization and externally to partners?

Program Benefits

  • Financial: How will you financially reward your partners through commissions, rebates, discounts, gifts or other investments?
  • Training: Will you provide training and education such as sales training, technical training and product demos? Should training occur virtually or onsite? Should you offer the same training to all partners or differentiate training based on partner type or tier?
  • Marketing and business enablement: Will you offer co-marketing opportunities to help your partners increase their visibility and credibility with customers? Should you only provide enablement benefits to your most strategic partners? What level of pre- and post-sales support should you provide to your partners? What other resources will you provide our partners, such as sales tools, data and leads?

Alexander Group can assist you with defining your offerings in advance, setting you up for success by building a solid partner program that cultivates lasting relationships that drive sustainable revenue growth.

Need Help With Your Channel Partnerships?

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