Sales Time Benchmarking

Improve Sales Efficiency with Sales Time Benchmarking

Drive Productivity Through Increased Engaged Selling Time

Alexander Group’s Sales Time Benchmarking compares how customer-facing marketing, sales and service roles spend their working time on key sales-related activities to diagnose challenges related to marketing, sales and service organization and job design, sizing and deployment, talent and sales-readiness.

Clients engaged in Sales Time Benchmarking compare time profiles for their key commercial roles to industry-and-role-specific benchmarks, understand role-level productivity inhibitors and synthesize individual contributor feedback on management programs against a database of over 200,000 unique time profiles to drive higher engaged selling time and commercial organization efficiency.

Grow Revenue with Better Sales Time Allocation

Mismanaged seller, management and support role activities can inhibit companies from achieving their growth, productivity, efficiency and profitability goals. Many commercial leaders report challenges with unclear rules of engagement, lack of seller enablement and difficulty adapting commercial resources to new sales processes.

However, Sales Time Benchmarking addresses these issues by asking critical questions that drive efficiency:

  • Are our sellers, management and support roles spending their time on high- or low-value activities?
  • How does our commercial workforce’s time allocation differ by segment, quota attainment, tenure and role?
  • What are our top productivity inhibitors to driving more engaged selling time?
  • How can we enable our front-line sellers to be more efficient and effective?
  • Are sellers able to deliver value propositions effectively?
  • Do sales teams use the right sales processes for different customer types?
  • Are sellers getting the right type and degree of support?
  • Do sellers believe that sales tools, training and coaching are effective?

Alexander Group uses Sales Time Benchmarking to assist leading marketing, sales and service organizations in identifying challenges such as:

  1. Commercial & sales organization & job design: Uncover issues related to unclear rules of engagement, role corruption, blended roles and insufficient support by analyzing how customer-facing employees spend their working time across ten key time categories as compared to center-and-leading-practice time profiles from industry-relevant, job-specific time profile benchmarks.
  2. Sizing & commercial deployment: Illuminate capacity issues and identify strategies to increase engaged selling time among customer-facing roles.
  3. Commercial talent, skills & supervision: Discover if managers and individual contributors spend adequate time in coaching and training activities by drilling into role-specific activity profiles.

Alexander Group’s expertise helps companies enable their sellers to reach their selling potential by uncovering opportunities to perform their roles more effectively and efficiently.

How Does Your Organization Compare to the Industry?

Experts at the Alexander Group look to top organizations to benchmark trends, best practices and challenges in the market today.