Service Execution: Your Success Depends on It

Service Solutions: Expertise to Drive Growth

Your service team is critical in ensuring the success of your customers and, ultimately, your business. Through clear strategy, job definitions, execution and enablement, we will equip you to deliver value that differentiates your products and services, commands a premium and delivers profitable growth.

Alexander Group works with you to align service consulting expertise to your needs, determine how to support revenue growth, structure your teams to meet your goals and design the most effective approaches to support your customers.

How We Help

  • Job & organizational design: Design your service roles and associated job descriptions and responsibilities, supported by effective rules of engagement between service, sales and support roles across the Sales process. Create the organizational and reporting structures for service and sales roles for optimal results.
  • Process & execution: Define the Service process steps and the motions, including onboarding, customer service and customer success roles across the organization. You will ensure proper execution through documentation, tools and templates.
  • Customer Success: Design your Customer Success function, including the processes, organization, roles and technology that will ensure customers gain maximum value from their purchases.
  • Territory & workload optimization: Build data-driven, equitable service territories and assignments to balance the workload among the team. Distribute service work, activities and opportunities among service reps to create fair distribution of responsibilities.
  • Sales compensation: Assess your current sales compensation plans by role based on historical performance and comparison to industry benchmarks. Then, design and implement new, market-competitive compensation plans to align with your organizational and service job strategies.
  • Services Operations: Evaluate your existing service operations team to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. Define relevant roles, identify investment areas in people, processes and tools, and develop a change roadmap that reflects your future organizational design.

Service Consulting Tailored for You

Alexander Group will help you design a Service strategy tailored to your revenue growth goals, industry, market opportunity, customer needs and your organization’s growth phase.

Based on our experience with leading companies, we use a proven approach to design a best-in-class service organization.

  • Set the strategy: Organize your service team around your revenue strategy, aligning customer segments, messaging and revenue motions.
  • Get the jobs right: Define the types of service roles you will deploy, outline their responsibilities, create the reporting structures, and enable them to succeed with the tools and training.
  • Execute your vision: Ensure you have a defined sales process to clarify how your sales and service reps know how to work together. Clear definitions, documentation and enablement are essential to successful execution to meet your revenue growth goals.
  • Enable Customer Success: Implement a well-defined customer success team to ensure your customers get maximum ROI from your products and services, minimizing churn to fuel growth.
  • Balance the workload: Optimize your service territories to balance the workload within your team, increasing your chances of retaining top talent and driving productivity.
  • Pay for results: Design compensation plans that ensure you motivate your service teams appropriately, rewarding them for the right behaviors and meeting strategic targets.
  • Enable the team: Create a clear charter for your service operations team to help you meet your revenue growth goals.

Alexander Group understands your revenue growth challenges. However, aligning your service team to a successful sales organization takes insight and hard work. We help the world’s leading organizations build the right Service strategy, transform their organizations and deliver results.

Go-to-Customer Strategy Redesign

The go-to-customer strategy for a leader in content delivery network services was not effectively delivering on revenue growth objectives and needed updates on coverage, role evolutions, job profiles and sales compensation abstracts.

We are shifting to demand creation. It’s more than just Sales. It’s Sales, Marketing and Service that go into creating demand for our customers at the end of the day. – Manufacturing Senior Director, Sales Operations
We have to make sure that when we’re onboarding a customer to our service team, we are very clear on expectations, we’ve onboarded properly, and they clearly understand how to treat and how to solve that customer’s solutions. – Manufacturing EVP, Sales & Marketing
Customers so well armed with information, that it’s blurring the lines of traditional Sales, Marketing and Service relationships. – Healthcare VP, Customer Experience

Need Help With your Service Strategy?

Experts at the Alexander Group look to top organizations within your industry to see how they are bringing customers what they want and need in today’s market.