Executive Access

Executive Access Subscription For Marketing Leaders

The Right Marketing Benchmarks at the Right Time

Alexander Group’s Marketing Benchmarking and advisory program offers industry-specific data and advice that’s critical to helping you make key decisions.

Subscribers receive on-demand advisory and benchmarks on specific topics that matter to you:

  • marketing coverage approaches
  • spending and investment mix
  • marketing team structures
  • job profiles
  • headcounts by job role
  • segmentation
  • marketing attribution
  • lead generation strategies


Receive 50+ Benchmarks:

  • Marketing & Sales Productivity
  • Marketing & Sales Costs
  • Marketing Attributed Revenue
  • Demand Stimulation Investments
  • Funnel Ratios
  • Marketing Role Ratios
  • Headcount vs. Program Investments

Subscription Includes:

  • Tailored Benchmarks

    Prioritize investments and programs with confidence

    50+ metrics compared to tailored cohorts

  • Events

    Gather and test new ideas; build new relationships

    Passes to all marquee events

  • Research Briefings

    Stay ahead of the latest industry trends

    New reports, portal access & regular briefings

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