Customer Success

Transforming Your Customers’ Success into Your Own

Winning with Customer Success

A Customer Success function works closely with your customers to ensure they get maximum ROI from your products and services, increasing customer retention and minimizing churn.

However, creating the right customer success organization requires a thoughtful design approach that aligns with your business objectives to ensure optimal revenue growth.

Alexander Group works with leading companies to create customer success organizations that provide value and achieve revenue growth goals.

Customer Success Strategies for Growth

Customer Success includes the processes, organization, roles and technology that will engage your customers to ensure they gain maximum value from their purchases.

Building Customer Success capability requries shifting from traditional post-sales functions that include implementation services and customer support but does not continuously engage customers in a way that creates meaningful usage.

Alexander Group has helped leading organizations build their Customer Success function to address this gap and drive long-term value realization with their customers by including these responsibilities throughout the customer lifecycle:

  1. Onboarding: Customer Success can partner with your implementation team to ensure all customers confidently start the process of adopting your product or service. Gaining early customer buy-in is critical and helps avoid churn.
  2. Deployment: After onboarding, you configure your product or service to your customer’s specifications. The customer success team can work with your customers to define and quantify what a successful outcome looks like and ensure a positive experience.
  3. Adoption: Post-launch, Customer Success can help customers drive your product or solution adoption, including strategies to avoid churn risk.
  4. Growth: Post-adoption, Customer Success can work to expand their usage to other business units or products within your portfolio, creating additional value and revenue growth for your organization.

Customer Success is an emerging yet powerful function to promote retention and expansion within your customer base. Alexander Group helps you create a Customer Success function that fuels your revenue growth engine while providing additional value.

Need Help With your Customer Success Strategy?

Experts at the Alexander Group look to top organizations within your industry to see how they are bringing customers what they want and need in today’s market.