Profitability Improvement

Drive Increased Profitability Through Focused Revenue Growth

Beyond Top Line Growth

Unlock your profitability potential by efficiently covering your customers and managing your cost-to-serve.

Alexander Group can help your organization achieve greater profitability by understanding the total addressable market, the most profitable accounts/customer segments/products and the value propositions aligned to differentiate your organization in each market segment.

Unlock Profitable Segments

It may be time to evaluate your revenue strategy and profitability if your organization struggles with the following challenges:

  • Low win rates
  • Unproductive sellers who consistently miss quotas and targets
  • Low new logo growth
  • High customer churn

To start, you can look for potential sources of growth and defining your revenue segments. Then, you can drive profitability through a targeted, efficient revenue strategy that aligns the right mix of resources to each opportunity or segment type. Uncovering root causes can stem from the following revenue strategy and profitability challenges:

Identify Revenue Segments:

  • What are our best revenue opportunities defined by customers, products and channels?
  • Do we know our revenue segment potential?
  • How much revenue can we capture?

Define & Align Value Propositions:

  • Do we have compelling value propositions by revenue segment?
  • Do we have sales messages tuned to the revenue segments?
  • How are we messaging and driving our high-margin products?

Evaluate Revenue Motions:

  • Do we have the defined sales motions?
  • Do we have effective marketing motions?
  • Do we have the proper service motions?

By defining your revenue strategy, you can identify (1) where you can grow your top line and (2) how you can most efficiently manage your cost-to-serve to increase profitability. For example, you may be deploying expensive sales resources against your smallest customer potential. However, this customer segment may be more efficiently served through digital channels providing the same value as your products and services.

By changing the revenue motions for this customer segment, you can better manage your cost-to-serve and increase your overall profitability.

Through a detailed assessment of your revenue strategy, Alexander Group can uncover the most efficient ways to serve your customers and the best opportunities to grow your top line and increase your overall profitability.

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