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Create a calendar of regular engagement with industry experts, access custom benchmarks and learn from your peers at leading executive events.

You’ll also gain insights through exclusive research by joining Alexander Group’s Executive Access Subscription, including executive events, networking and industry benchmarking insights.

Take Advantage of the Subscription:

  • Using 50+ benchmark metrics, we will show you how to prioritize investments and programs by learning where you stack up to industry averages.
  • Gather and test new ideas and build new relationships at exclusive events.
  • Stay ahead of the latest industry trends with Alexander Group’s reports, portal access and regular briefings.

Tailored, Industry-Specific Benchmarks Drive Strategic Decision Making

Do you stand out in your market? Do you know who your competitors are, their strengths and how you can compete against them?

Industry benchmarking is vital to understanding how your organization compares to the market. As a result, benchmarking helps you make more informed decisions, including the critical investments that will enable your commercial organization to drive growth.

Industry benchmarking is an essential part of this program, helping you drive results through key market insights.

As a part of this subscription, you will receive a comparison of your go-to-market data to a tailored set of industry-relevant benchmarks. In addition, you will receive an executive summary of findings and a private discussion of our market observations. The benchmark analysis includes productivity and efficiency metrics, sales and marketing cost comparisons, headcount and coverage ratios, and compensation benchmarks for sales, support and management roles.

Benchmark your organization to drive the results you want to achieve.

Attend Executive-Level Events

Network with peers from leading companies at Alexander Group’s Leadership Events to learn how to implement revenue leadership best practices and better enable your organization for success.

Alexander Group hosts multiple exclusive marquee events and engaging virtual roundtables and summits. Executive Access Subscribers receive complimentary passes and priority registration for all additional attendees.

Consume Highly Relevant Commercial Model Research

With access to our publications, briefings, executive insights and commercial excellence discussions, you can be sure that you are ahead of the latest industry trends and confidently making informed business decisions.

Subscribers will receive research reports and private briefings throughout the year and access to a library of whitepapers and reports via a subscriber-only portal.

Research Topics Include:

  • Leveraging AI-enabled go-to-market models for scale, reach and efficiency
  • Growing the business with inside sales approaches
  • Understanding the relationship between revenue growth, profitability and high-performance sales characteristics among market leaders
  • Optimizing collaboration with channel partners
  • Driving recurring revenue for growth

Private, interactive sessions with Alexander Group industry practice leaders and experts help you to bring together sales and marketing leaders, branch leadership and operations leaders to learn best practices, new skills and key concepts on topics that will add the most value to your growth stage and focus.

Benchmarking Includes:

  • 50+ core go-to-market metrics
  • Topical industry trends and practices
  • Private executive readouts & follow up discussions
  • Comparison to multiple, tailored benchmark cohorts
  • Benchmark percentile ranges and additional metrics
  • Year-over-year and cross-business unit internal comparisons
  • Commercial investment levers impact analysis
  • Executive summary of observations & recommendations

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