RevOps Technology

Technology Enables a Stronger RevOps Foundation

RevOps Technology Is Essential For Growth

Revenue Operations depends on its relationship with IT and the use of technology to drive efficiencies. Companies are scaling by using technology (not headcount) and deploying state-of-the-art systems to enable revenue operations to capture more customer and market data while generating new, actionable insights.

Alexander Group can asses whether you have the technological capabilities in place to appropriately support your RevOps functions.

Utilize Technology to Turn Data Into Revenue

Technical acumen is an essential revenue operations competency. Top revenue operations teams enable seamless information coordination and sharing through their technology leading to better business insights and ultimately revenue growth. Alexander Group provides technology-oriented services that help optimize outputs on current infrastructure as well as identify areas of opportunity. They include:

  • Commercial Tech Stack Summary and Assessment: Often with varying investment by Sales, Service and Marketing, it is important to understand where opportunities for better alignment within the tech stack and data accuracy exist.
  • Analytics & Reporting Assessment: RevOps reporting function can range from basic (basic tools, ad hoc analysis, fledgling programs) to advanced (automated tools, accurate and forward-looking reporting). Knowing your current state and assessment against peers will enable you to better define next steps.

Slow processes and technologies hurt seller productivity and negatively impact the customer experience. Your RevOps function needs the infrastructure in place in order to run smoothly. Enabling your team with the right technology is critical to optimizing your processes and enabling both your employees and customers. Alexander Group can help assess your current technology and infrastructure to determine gaps and prioritized areas for further investment. Enabling your revenue operations team will, in turn, enable your revenue growth.

RevOps Research & Benchmarking

Get access to the latest research and benchmarks to help shape your RevOps strategy.