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Rethink Your Go-to-Market Model

The Right Combination for Growth

Business models must constantly adapt to changing market conditions, evolving customer demands, and new competitors and offerings. In addition, digital platforms and technology acceleration have transformed how customers interact with sellers and how business gets done.

Successful companies have the right combination of effective sales channels, defined roles and responsibilities for sales and marketing teams, and advanced tools and resources. Together, these resources support your competitive standing, helping you reach your revenue goals.

Alexander Group helps companies create an efficient go-to-market (GTM) model that makes the most of your Sales, Marketing, Service and Operations investment.

How We Help

  • Define optimal value messaging and organize sales strategy around use cases: Identify the key benefits and value propositions of your products and services. Then, structure your sales approach around specific scenarios or customer needs where those benefits are most relevant.
  • Simplify sales coverage model and delineate between sales and delivery: Streamline the process of identifying and targeting potential customers. Clearly define the responsibilities of sales and delivery teams to ensure smooth and efficient service.
  • Better clarify roles and responsibilities to maximize new sales, expansion and retention: Clearly define the roles and objectives of each team member to ensure effective collaboration and decision-making. As a result, you will increase the chances of winning new business, expanding existing relationships and retaining satisfied customers.
  • Ensure the organization has the right skills and capabilities for complex offer portfolios: Identify the knowledge and experience required to sell more advanced or specialized products or services. Make sure your team has the necessary training and resources to be successful.
  • Align sales compensation and quota programs to motivate and achieve more aggressive business goals: Create incentives and performance metrics that align with your company’s overall business objectives, motivating sales teams to exceed their targets.
  • Evaluate current and new markets, areas of opportunity and optimize marketing channels, mix and return Assess the potential of new or existing markets. Next, identify the most effective marketing tactics and channels to reach those audiences to maximize the return on investment.

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