Modern Marketing Solutions

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value Through Continuous Buyer Engagement

Buyer preferences and multi-mode interactions are evolving. According to Alexander Group research, 98% of buyers expect seamless physical and digital interactions. Over half of marketing executives lead the deployment of Product, Sales and Service resources across customer needs.

However, many companies need help with what marketing investments are a priority to successfully drive these initiatives to take their marketing organization into the modern era.

Alexander Group helps leading companies target marketing investments to drive revenue growth and adapt to ongoing marketplace changes.

How We Help

  • Customer research: Determine which strategic markets and buying groups are critical for you to drive profitable revenue growth.
  • Personas & value drivers: Differentiate and define messages that benefit your customers.
  • Segmentation & targeting: Prioritize your customers in each segment to identify the highest potential new and expansion revenue.
  • Revenue marketing motions: Determine which marketing activities and channels are critical for you to drive profitable revenue growth.
  • Marketing data, tools & processes: Evaluate the data, tools and processes needed to drive Marketing across markets and your organization.
  • Structure & jobs: Determine how to optimize valuable Marketing resources needed to enter new markets, win against your competition or launch a new product.

Addressing Your Biggest Marketing Challenges

Alexander Group partners with companies of all sizes and across industries to address critical growth challenges by assessing and optimizing their Marketing engine. The following challenges and opportunities are common reasons why companies work with Alexander Group:

Expand into new markets and make the right investments: Alexander Group works with you to identify new end-market opportunities and buying groups by developing robust, data-driven opportunity models and ideal customer profile (ICP) identification. Learn more about our Segmentation and Targeting capabilities.

Address challenges in demand generation and revenue conversion opportunities: Alexander Group helps identify effective marketing strategies to generate more top-of-funnel opportunities and improve your pull-through and conversion rates with your sales teams. Learn more about our Marketing Strategies capabilities.

Experience a positive return on investment from your marketing engine: Alexander Group conducts a comprehensive assessment of the performance of your marketing organization to understand what is driving underperformance. For example, we examine if you have effective marketing activities and campaigns, leverage the right channels, and use proper data, tools and processes. Alexander Group can diagnose your current performance and provide an actionable marketing plan to rightsize your marketing engine and deliver clear and quantifiable value. Learn more about our Marketing Performance capabilities.

Align your marketing organization with your growth objectives: Alexander Group works with you to evolve your marketing organization so that your jobs, functions and structure all work together to efficiently and effectively support your marketing strategy and align seamlessly with other revenue-generating teams. Learn more about our Marketing Organization and Management capabilities.

Alexander Group is ready to modernize your marketing strategy to ensure you meet your revenue growth objectives.

There is a significant disconnect between central marketing and BU marketing often resulting in duplicative efforts or missed opportunities from lack of communication. – Manufacturing VP of Marketing
There’s often a disconnect between marketing and sales that results in a cap on transformational and outside the box thinking. – Life Sciences SVP, Sales & Marketing
With the systems we have in place it feels impossible to get an accurate understanding of marketing’s true ROI to the bottom line. – Healthcare Chief Marketing Officer

New Research: Marketing Insights Study

Over 150 marketing executives were interviewed to determine the marketing initiatives being prioritized to maximize customer lifetime value. From marketing roles and resource allocation to marketing mix, channels and spend, get the latest insights on where marketing leaders are investing to advance their organization’s marketing maturity.