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Opportunity Segmentation and Sales Compensation for Tech Company

Coverage approach and sales compensation plans at a high-growth, global network security firm did not align with the company’s growth objectives. The crude segmentation model ineffectively deployed sellers.

The company needed to realize their aggressive growth goals and learn how to effectively scale them for success. They also needed to enhance the effectiveness of refined job roles by aligning accounts to target and quotas and sales compensation plans to effectively motivate and reward.

Alexander Group analyzed the market data to develop an opportunity model and segment current and prospect accounts. Alexander Group created a multi-variate segmentation model that contained inputs to include company sales, employee count, industry and IT spend. Alexander Group also designed quota methodology and sales compensation plans aligned to opportunity and growth objectives. The methodology quota roll-up tool incorporates seller territory opportunity to set fair and equitable quotas.

The company was able to identify opportunities to efficiently focus refined roles, appropriately apply quotas based on market opportunity and reward for growth through sales compensation.

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