Pay Levels & Benchmarking

A Critical and Strategic Business Decision

Are Your Pay Levels Helping or Hurting Your Commercial Organization?

Decisions about how much to pay your commercial resources have wide-reaching implications, including:

  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Supporting career paths and advancement opportunities
  • Managing sales compensation costs

However, many companies lack clarity about their pay levels, pay mix and pay structure. As a result, they cannot compare their compensation model to their competition or how their pay structure is impacting their ability to attract and retain top talent.

Whether you are looking to establish a market-competitive pay level for a new role or are seeking to kickstart a complete overhaul of your pay levels, we can help. As a trusted advisor for companies across the globe, Alexander Group has helped clients develop best-in-class and market-competitive pay structures that align with their corporate pay philosophies and industry best practices.

Designing the Right Pay Structure for Your Company

Pay level benchmarking and pay structure design enable companies to address the following questions:

  • Do our pay levels allow us to attract the right kind of talent?
  • Are we paying our sales teams a competitive market rate?
  • Does our pay structure align with our career paths and advancement opportunities?
  • Does our pay mix support the sales strategy of each role?
  • Do we have a clear, consistent, comprehensive pay structure methodology and framework to guide our decisions?

We help clients understand and address their biggest pay level questions including:

  • Pay level benchmarking: Conduct a deep-dive benchmarking exercise to compare current pay for each job and level against third-party market pay data aligned to the company pay philosophy. This analysis lets clients understand where opportunities exist to close the gaps between current pay and market practice at each job level and geography.
  • Pay level design: We use insights gained during previous phases to set the stage for the design phase, focusing on developing a comprehensive pay level structure by job, level and geography. This structure is supported by a pay structure methodology that will serve as a resource to guide decisions.

Alexander Group can help you uncover new insights and build a solid compensation framework that supports your revenue growth objectives.

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