Build a Profitable Revenue Growth Engine

Manage Ongoing Market Disruption Through a Profitable & Efficient Commercial Model

Automotive manufacturers and distributors are constantly challenged to satisfy customers with enhanced technology and the delivery of innovative products and solutions, all while adhering to environmental compliance regulations and dealing with supply chain constraints. The aerospace industry is no stranger to these challenges and must also factor in lengthy sales processes, aggressive delivery cycles, and the ebb and flow of customer traffic.

With the acceleration of digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI), along with a lack of skilled workforce to manage new high-tech infrastructures, transportation providers are looking to make the right investments to achieve profitable growth. The solution ― developing an agile, responsive go-to-market plan that focuses on controllable commercial strategies to achieve efficient and high-level performance.

Target markets & segment customers: Use data to determine precisely where the organization can win and take share. Understanding buyers’ needs and preferences within each market and segment while tailoring your offerings and approach will provide the right value propositions to serve them.

Coverage, jobs & channels: Align resources against the opportunities by matching high-potential customers with a high-level of coverage while serving low-potential customer through inside of digital sales. Embrace new channels (digital, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer) in addition to traditional methods.

Quotas & compensation: Establish goals based on a formulaic approach that accounts for the potential of each end-market and the abilities of the seller to cover them. Use sales compensation programs to drive a pay-for-performance culture. Reward top performers and use it as a tool to recruit and retain top talent.

Alexander Group aligns evolving go-to-market models with the right investments to transform commercial teams into a focused, motivated and productive revenue growth engine.

How We Help

  • Drive business transformation: Digital transformation has forced transportation providers to adjust business models and adapt to ever-changing market realities. Ensure your organization has innovative revenue growth capabilities to establish and scale new go-to-market strategies.
  • Build & integrate digital capabilities: Navigate the transportation landscape by investing in the right technologies to unlock new customers, improve profitability and optimize marketing, sales and operations resource allocation.
  • Enable data-driven decision making: Benchmarking and research enable fact-based decision-making for strategic and structural objectives. Provide actionable insights that drive growth and allow your firm to adjust go-to-market models to reflect changing demands.
  • Increase sales productivity: Improving productivity contributes to higher revenue, better profit margins, a competitive edge and improved customer experiences. Ensure your team captures opportunities to maximize capacity.
  • Invest in Revenue Operations: Expanding the scope of a typical commercial operations team, a strong revenue operations capability allows auto and aerospace manufacturers and distributors scale and increase productivity, creating a partnership, alignment and accountability across Marketing, Sales and Service.
  • Align channel partners: Determining the partner strategy and building an effective partner program ecosystem to enhance customer experience and revenue potential.
  • Build effective sales compensation programs: Using the right levers to drive the right selling behaviors, sales compensation programs must support strategic growth to recruit, retain and motivate top talent.

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