Alexander Group Case Study Job Roles Sizing Deloyment DistributionSituation:
A global automotive parts distributor with a legacy sales structure was experiencing stagnant growth. Lack of clarity in job roles and strategic focus, as well as inequitable territories (unequal revenue and opportunity, overlapping territory lines) were limiting sales growth.

The distributor needed to define a sales process that defined core sales activities and provided focus to sellers. The organization also required specifically defined job roles and balanced territories to ensure proper coverage of customers.

Alexander Group led the development of job roles, territories, sales processes, sales compensation plans and comprehensive training curriculum. The National Account team was redeployed to high potential accounts to increase penetration and manage cost of sales. Alexander Group redesigned the job roles and sales process for the distributor to align sales activities with corporate strategy. With the company’s input, Alexander Group balanced territories by current revenue and account potential, identified areas to consolidate or add territories, and highlighted potential opportunities for talent assessment.

With the new sales structure, the distributor has balanced growth and investments by aligning sales strategy with sales process, job roles, territory alignment, and compensation. Early results have shown an improvement in sales rep efficiency due to optimized territories and an increase in engaged selling time.

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