M&A Integration

Integration Plans Should Align to New Growth Strategy

Successful M&A and Commercial Model Integrations

Strong vision, customer understanding and crisp execution are critical to post-deal integration success.

However, in a post-deal environment, revenue leaders are tasked with providing a detailed definition of the combined revenue strategy, as well as the planning and execution of the new structure.

Alexander helps revenue leaders create a post-merger integration plan that drives results for the entire organization.

Detail the Strategy, Design the Model & Launch Integration Process

Post-acquisition integration environments are inherently challenging. In addition, expectations for speed of integration are high as organizations focus on the customer while continuing to align internal operations and goals.

Post M&A, one of the top goals is creating a seamless customer experience. On the go-to-market (GTM) side, critical milestones for a successful integration will include mainstreaming products into the portfolio carried by core sales teams and integrating roles and coverage, including rules of engagement for all roles and channels.

In post-deal acquisitions, there are critical considerations for revenue leaders to address:

  1. Detail the integrated revenue strategy: What is the combined vision for the organization? How does the post-M&A organization create value for customers and the market? What is the go-forward plan for full integration, phased integration or a decision to maintain the separate identities?
  2. Design the future state revenue model: What are the combined target revenue segments? What are the combined value proposition and revenue motions? Where can the new organization realize efficiencies with the combined models? What is the combined vision for the customer journey, and how does it enhance our customer centricity? What sales model is most effective? What is the best method to motivate teams and maintain business as usual in the meantime?
  3. Plan & launch for future state revenue model: How and when will we launch the new future state organization, including internal and customer changes? What is the correct timing? How will we organize our tools and processes to support and align with the launch?

Alexander Group helps organizations answer these complex questions. During the post-deal integration process, we offer our industry knowledge and organizational expertise to bring clarity, targets and answers to ensure a successful launch of the post-M&A organization.

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