Sales Channel Benchmarking

Compare Your Organization Against Sales Channel Benchmarks

Use Industry Market Data to Improve Your Partner Engagement & Growth Strategies

A critical step in building a successful channel engagement program is defining your strategy and aligning it with broader commercial organization goals.

For many top leaders, this conversation begins with data and market insights, asking questions that include:

  • What inputs are you using to identify your target markets, set financial objectives and create engagement strategies for working with channel partners?
  • What is your organization’s ideal mix of direct and indirect sales, and what segments are best suited to an indirect sales approach?

Alexander Group’s Sales Channel Benchmarking leverages contemporary, industry-specific market data and best practices on key topics, including growth, margin, structure, cost and ROI, to help companies develop and improve their partner models.

Optimize Your Partner Strategy for Growth

Leading companies use channel partners for customer engagement to enable sustainable, differentiated growth in key markets. More specifically, channel engagement strategies offer access to diverse geographic and customer markets, helping leaders stay close to the market as buying patterns and value drivers change.

Channel partner relationships simplify the buying process for many customers since the partner is a single point of contact from the initial discovery stage and throughout the sales and service process. Creating and maintaining strong partner relationships is essential to a commercial Marketing, Sales and Service strategy.

Expanding channel sales investment returns requires a diligent, hands-on approach, but it pays dividends in the value gained from investing in the right partnerships. A well-executed channel sales program can extend market reach, add critical expertise to the sales organization and help you meet your revenue growth goals.

Alexander Group’s capabilities in channel sales benchmarking offer our clients access to industry-specific data and insights that allow them to select the proper types of partners for the right customers, enable them for growth and success in key markets and drive value realization within key customers.

Our exclusive, tailored benchmark comparisons and actionable recommendations help you evaluate the current state of your partner approach. Our Sales Channel Benchmarking database consists of over 25 benchmark metrics, including:

  • Channel Revenue Growth and Margin
  • Channel Expense Mix
  • Channel Return on Investment
  • Channel Structure
  • Channel Headcount/Coverage Ratios
  • Channel Incentive Programs and Compensation approaches
  • Investment in Technology and Tools for Channel Training and Engagement

Alexander Group can help strengthen your existing channel partnerships and choose new partners to provide the most value to your business. We leverage our experience, frameworks and research to produce actionable recommendations to help you deliver sustainable, differentiated revenue growth.

How Does Your Organization Compare to the Industry?

Experts at the Alexander Group look to top organizations to benchmark trends, best practices and challenges in the market today.