It Takes Strategy to Attract & Retain Talent

What is Talent Management?

Talent management is more than just annual reviews. It includes job definitions, titles and organizational structure. Effectively bringing talent management to life requires detailed activities, including documenting responsibilities and expectations, planning career paths, mapping rules of engagement and more. Most importantly, companies must support these activities with management coaching, performance metrics and goals that drive accountability and results.

Alexander Group can help you address these areas with industry-specific experts who will lead you step-by-step to ensure you get the most out of your talent management investment.

How We Help

  • Structure: Job design and levels are a critical element of your talent strategy, including what roles you need, what each role will do and how many levels are required. In addition, career path design has become even more important in today’s talent infrastructure, creating a roadmap with promotion options for each role across the organization. We help you design the foundational infrastructure for your organizational talent to ensure transparent roles and responsibilities across the organization.
  • Management: Revenue growth relies on leaders properly managing their teams’ performance. The first step is to set the right expectation through a robust and comprehensive competency model. Alexander Group’s industry-leading experts work with you to build and align required competencies across roles. Secondly, we collaborate with you to create documented and detailed performance management expectations for people leaders, including positions that bridge across teams and drive the organization’s strategic objectives. Finally, Alexander Group ensures you have the right activities, tools and cadence to maximize performance management.
  • Motivation: Talent motivation and compensation go hand-in-hand in today’s successful organizations. Understanding where your pay levels rank against your peers provides excellent insight into your ability to offer competitive compensation. In addition, having the proper pay levels is a great tool for capturing and maintaining talent. Alexander Group works with you to develop a pay level structure by job and level so you can be market-competitive and align with your financial objectives and organizational compensation philosophy.

Build Your Talent Management Toolkit

Talent is your most vital asset. Talent management spans recruiting, onboarding, supporting and retaining talent to ensure you meet your growth objectives. Reaching your goals requires asking the right talent management questions, including:

  • Do we effectively attract and recruit talent?
  • Are our managers equipped to coach?
  • Do we have a clear and transparent review process?
  • Do we have the right jobs to support our organization’s objectives?
  • Do we have a defined job architecture?
  • Do we have clear career path options for our employees?
  • Is our sales management structure aligned with our needs?

Through talent-management engagements, Alexander Group can work with your organization to:

  1. Align your talent infrastructure to company objectives, backed by clear design, roles and responsibilities.
  2. Provide transparent expectations to individuals, including day-to-day responsibilities, promotion opportunities and pay expectations.
  3. Enable performance coaching to drive successful behaviors and results.

Clearly developed industry-specific roles, transparent career progression, and competitive pay all help you attract and retain top talent in today’s market. Alexander Group can help assess and update your management activities, optimize your talent investment and enable you to achieve revenue growth goals.

How do we bring in the right talent, and really what is the right talent? We’re looking for people who are agile, adaptable, creative and curious. With this constant movement, how do you change the people that have been so used to what they’re doing when really what led them there to begin with was just their technical skills? – Healthcare Head of Research, Digital Transformation
We need to have sales talent that are students. They’re really interested in learning about their customer. – Media CRO
Alexander Group can help you build business models and attract talent and understand exactly how to be effective in this dynamic environment. – Technology CEO

Need Help Retaining & Attracting Talent?

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