Media Research Briefing

Marketing Demand Generation Performance & Investments Study

Marketing as a Growth Function

Increasing Demand Generation Performance Outcomes

Alexander Group recently interviewed 300+ marketing executives across media and consumer technology to share data, insights and viewpoints on current demand gen performance and investment strategies.
Focus areas included:

  • Performance & Structure
  • Channel Expense Mix
  • Demand Generation ROI
  • Investment Ratios
  • Pipeline Sources by Function
  • Pipeline Sources by Channel
  • Lead Conversion Benchmarks
  • Common Conversion Ratios

Highlights among media firms that have winning demand gen programs include:

  • Top firms have increased demand generation investments by +41%.
  • Marketing accounts for +40% of functional pipeline development.
  • Marketing channel mix is evolving―branding through SEO/SEM and developing partner relationships account for 30% of pipeline yield.
  • Leading media firms are delivering over 38% more closed revenue demonstrating greater ROI levels.

Find out where your firm sits along the demand generation performance and investment maturity model.

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