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XaaS Growth Strategies: Maximize Your Potential

In the fast-paced, competitive environment of technology, it’s impossible for leading companies to rest. Today’s technology vendors face a myriad of go-to-market (GTM) strategies with new solutions and deployment models, evolving pricing models and changing routes to reach and service customers.

The advent of as-a-Service, multi-cloud environments, product-led growth and consumption-oriented pricing, just to name a few trends, has put even more pressure on technology companies to continually adjust GTM models and maximize valuation.

With a consistent stream of challenges being the new norm, companies need ensure they’re targeting the right audience, enabling the most effective coverage model and aligning internal resources to properly address customer needs. Specifically, those that are successful looking across the customer engagement model (Land, Adopt, Expand and Renew) to find and implement the right levers that drive growth and profitability.

Given this environment, it is critical to re-evaluate and adjust your company’s go-to-market strategies early and often. Alexander Group knows that 22% of companies that continually sustain high growth and high profitability will have an average 30% higher valuation. Let us help you get there.

How We Help

  • Go-to-market transformations: Between new market valuation metrics, changing customer expectations and new ecosystems and market routes, technology companies prioritize consistently re-evaluating their go-to-market models to keep up with the evolving industry. Assess, develop and implement growth readiness roadmaps by analyzing market opportunities, identifying key growth drivers and prioritizing initiatives that align with your go-to-market strategy. Ensure that you are well-positioned for sustained growth and to drive revenue growth and profitability.
  • Annual planning: GTM planning, when completed in an orderly, comprehensive fashion, is a powerful tool to orient the organization around growth, profitability and other business objectives. The planning process should set objectives that match your company’s growth goals, risk tolerance and desired GTM model. Too often, technology companies don’t start this annual process early enough and lack clarity and consensus around which objectives they are trying to achieve. Even then, aligning all the elements of deployment, territories, quotas and compensation is complex. Alexander Group helps ensure that you’re building, configuring, and executing a successful planning process for profitable revenue growth.
  • Opportunistic go-to-customer improvements: Providing strategic guidance and expertise to improve customer acquisition and retention is crucial to remain profitable in the technology industry. In addition to developing new strategies and implementing new processes and tools to drive revenue growth can include improvements across revenue operations, lead generation, segmentation and targeting, job architecture and productivity. Developing a more effective sales process and creating a customer-centric culture will help your organization drive long-term success.
  • Benchmarking & research: Driving profitable growth and remaining competitive in a rapidly evolving market requires competitive benchmarking and research. This analysis provides valuable insights into the company’s performance, helps identify improvement areas, and provides a framework for setting goals and measuring success. In addition, monitoring and reforming your growth and profitability levers through benchmarking and research will help you find the right GTM strategy to drive revenue growth.

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