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The shift to XaaS requires new business and revenue models

The move to “as a Service” shifts revenue from large, up-front, fixed purchases and service agreements to variably-sized subscription and consumption-based relationships.

Across technology segments, buyers now include both IT and line-of-business leaders. They have new expectations before, during and after the sale. A proliferation of roles and skills to address this new buyer journey is increasing the complexity and expense of today’s go-to-customer models.

To recoup heavy up-front acquisition costs and maximize customer lifetime value (CLV), revenue leaders need to focus on adoption and retention. We can help you increase the odds of success by addressing your segments’ unique trends and issues:

  • Hybrid Software, Hardware and Infrastructure: The evolution from one-time charges to subscription-based services has fundamentally changed the economics of the technology industry.
  • Pure-play XaaS Providers: Strategies to scale your “born in the cloud” business and monetize your expansion efforts are front and center as you seek affordable expansion growth to meet CLV targets.
  • Digital Industrial: With the integration of XaaS functionality your team needs to transition from traditional manufacturing to new service-led solution selling motions.

We combine industry experience, expertise, analytics and benchmarks, together with leading-edge IP to customize pragmatic, impactful solutions for our technology clients, from initial assessments through to implementation. Contact us today.

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