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Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Tackling Talent Shortages and Keeping Pace with Innovation

The IT services industry is constantly being shaped by the fast pace of technological innovation, which presents both challenges and opportunities for commercial organizations in the space. While remote work and technological advancements in cloud, cybersecurity and AI have increased, the demand for IT services, they have also increased customer expectations. Customer demands for seamless experiences, personalized services and rapid problem resolution is an ongoing obstacle for IT Services providers, requiring companies to react efficiently and effectively.

At Alexander Group, we have deep expertise and experience across the IT services industry We help VARs, SIs, MSPs, consultants and end-to-end solution providers:

  • Optimize investments in sales and marketing capabilities, including go-to-market (GTM) model and process design, structure, compensation and enablement.
  • Develop and execute effective pipeline development strategies, such as lead generation, qualification and conversion.
  • Make informed decisions with insight into segmentation and ideal customer profiles (ICPs) by value proposition and customer needs.

How We Help

  • Targeting for growth: Alexander Group helps organizations segment their fragmented customer base, quantify their addressable market opportunity, and improve targeting for sales and marketing programs.
  • Diversifying revenue streams: As providers are tasked with driving more diverse service offerings, Alexander Group helps leadership translate various growth goals into a cohesive, actionable go-to-market coverage model and demand generation program.
  • Define specialist roles: Alexander Group helps clients strike the right balance of sales and technical specialists, lead generation, customer success and revenue operations critical to success in today’s market. This combination maximizes long-term revenue and customer retention, providing a more targeted and effective approach to sales and marketing.
  • Re-build outdated incentive programs: Alexander Group helps align sales compensation plans with current business objectives (e.g., increasing margin, emphasizing recurring revenue) and market trends to drive growth.
  • Determine the right RevOp investments: As IT services providers grow, Alexander Group helps clients determine the right operational capabilities and digital investments required to increase marketing automation, AI/analytics and overall sales effectiveness.

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