GTM Model Benchmarking

Go-to-Market Model Benchmarking

Benchmarks & Insights Enhance Your Commercial Operations

Winning in today’s environment requires constantly striving to meet changing customer expectations. So whether you’re looking to enter new markets or rethinking your current go-to-market model, you need the latest data, insights and recommendations to support your next move.

Growth requires knowledge, and knowledge requires expertise. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall behind on your growth initiatives when you lack access to the latest trends and a clear understanding of how your organization stacks up against competitors. Industry experts, like Alexander Group, provide the expertise and insights you need to stay market-competitive.

Our Go-to-Market Model Benchmarking allows you and your organization to:

Validate Gaps

  • Compare your commercial performance to relevant industry peers
  • Understand the root cause of marketing, sales and service issues
  • Identify areas that negatively impact productivity

Take Action

  • Make organizational changes validated by facts
  • Launch programs based on data and insights
  • See results in the form of reduced costs and increased revenue

Alexander Group conducts ongoing, revenue-focused research and benchmarking to drive better results for your dynamic organization, helping companies to reach their revenue goals.

Go-to-Market Model Benchmarks & Insights Drive Better Decisions

Top companies depend on current, expert-level insights to make decisions. They need exclusive, industry-specific benchmark data and insights to evaluate the current state of their revenue organization and establish new growth goals. In-depth research guides their solutions and decision-making, allowing them to develop commercial transformation strategies, implement specific initiatives or test new ideas.

Alexander Group leverages over 50 GTM benchmark metrics and tailored insights, including:

  • Marketing productivity and pipeline health
  • Marketing structure and headcount
  • Marketing cost and return on investment
  • Commercial sales and margin growth
  • Sales costs
  • Seller productivity
  • Seller turnover
  • Sales compensation and pay practices
  • Sales and service headcount ratios
  • Customer retention rates and growth
  • Service costs, roles and structure
  • Marketing, sales and service tools and technology investments

Alexander Group is a strategic consulting partner in commercial analytics and benchmarking for leading companies, helping them create industry-leading solutions for sustainable growth. We interpret the data context and related trends to ensure the insights apply to each unique situation.

We maintain a proprietary database of revenue-focused industry benchmarks and practices. In addition, we collect and maintain millions of data points related to marketing, sales, service and operations productivity, revenue, costs, margin, headcount and structure from thousands of clients and research participants. These data points provide proven indicators of how leading firms achieve exceptional results.

Alexander Group provides contemporary, revenue-focused benchmarks and insights that high-performance companies need to meet their growing demands. We leverage our global expertise to reveal the latest market trends to support you in your revenue growth goals.

How Does Your Organization Compare to the Industry?

Experts at the Alexander Group look to top organizations to benchmark trends, best practices and challenges in the market today.