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Create the Right Service Organization to Execute Your Strategy

Job ambiguity results in increased employee churn, lack of motivation and an inability to reach your strategic goals. Success depends on clearly defined job roles, accountability, reporting relationships and compensation that motivate your workforce to achieve your business objectives.

Alexander Group assists leading companies in creating service organization designs that drive employee engagement with a structure that helps attract, retain and reward best-in-class service teams. As a result, companies benefit from profitable revenue growth and customer retention.

Service Job & Organizational Design

Organizational and job design is central to the structure of your service organization. Having clearly defined service roles with a reporting structure aligned with your business objectives establishes a foundation for success.

Organizational design requires a thoughtful approach with a structure built on these essential elements.

  • Define the roles: What types of service roles, with what skills, will work best to execute your strategy and get results? Which customer segments will the services team support? Are these roles aligned with specific products? What work processes do you need to ensure Marketing, Sales and Service work cohesively?
  • Structure the organization: How will the service team be organized? What are the reporting relationships and accountability? How will they be measured and compensated?
  • Empower with programs, tools and support resources: How can you enable service reps to maximize time on the highest-value activities? What resources, tools and information do they need to maximize their productivity?

Alexander Group works with you to ensure you have the foundation for your service team’s success, helping you achieve your business goals.

Review Your Organizational Structure

Is your company ready for an organizational review? Contact Alexander Group’s Organization and Job Design practice experts.