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Revenue Growth Model Detailed Design

Make Your Blueprint a Reality

After the blueprint, it is time to get into the details, engage the next level of the organization, create ownership and set the stage for change.

Alexander Group can help with our detailed design support. Let’s construct your next generation revenue organization.

You’ve looked at every aspect of your marketing, sales and service organizations. You know where you are today and the potential of your team. You’ve established a vision for the future, agreed on the path forward and created the business case to quantify the value. Now it’s time to make your blueprint a reality. Now the work begins. Now it’s time to get into the details. Engage the next level of the organization, create ownership and set the stage for change.

Alexander Group can help. Our detailed design support helps you with the critical and challenging job of constructing your next-generation revenue organization. We collaborate with your team to build out the specific pieces of your new revenue model. Whether it’s the alignment of current and potential accounts to their new segments, differentiated value messages and seller playbooks, headcount assignments, training presentations, sales compensation plans, quotas, IT system requirements, operating budgets, or a myriad of other details. We provide additional expertise, guidance and capacity to put the blueprint into practice.

Our more than 35 years of experience helping organizations around the globe do the hard work of standing up their new revenue models makes us an ideal partner for your own transformation. Together, we’ll prioritize which areas will deliver the fastest results and determine the right sequence for the rest of the changes. Together, we’ll build a foundation for continuous learning and improvement.

More than 50% of organizational transformations fail. We’ve seen what it takes to be successful. We can help you avoid the common pitfalls and achieve your objectives faster. We’re experts at working across functions, bringing everyone on your sales, marketing and service teams together. Alexander Group helps you actualize your vision and equip your teams for the changes ahead so you can quickly move forward as an aligned organization. Detailed designs bring your blueprint to life, increase revenue growth, improve profitability and increase your share of market. Maximize your valuation. Let’s build your new revenue organization together.

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