Knowledge Drives Growth

Commercial Insights to Stay Competitive

Alexander Group conducts ongoing revenue-focused research and benchmarking to drive better results for your dynamic organization.

Winning in today’s environment requires you constantly strive to meet changing customer expectations. Whether you are looking to enter new markets or re-thinking your go-to-market model, you need the latest insights to support your next move.

Growth requires knowledge, and knowledge requires expertise. It’s easy to fall behind on your growth initiatives when you lack access to the latest trends and a clear understanding of how your organization stacks up against competitors.


Alexander Group: Delivering You Compelling Research Insights

Alexander Group provides contemporary, revenue-focused research that high-performance companies need to meet their growth demands. We are constantly exploring the revenue growth strategies of different industries, gathering the latest benchmarks and practices, and using our global expertise to reveal the latest market trends, all in support of our clients and research participants.

Alexander Group’s exclusive insights help you evaluate the current state of your revenue organization while establishing new growth goals. Our clients depend on our research to guide their solutions and decision-making, allowing them to develop organizational transformation strategies, implement specific initiatives, or test new ideas.

Today’s companies depend on current, expert insights to make decisions. Alexander Group serves as a strategic consulting partner in commercial analytics for leading companies, helping them create industry-leading solutions for sustainable growth. Most importantly – it’s not just data. We help you interpret the context of the data and related trends to make sure the insights are applicable to your unique situation.

How Do We Build Our Insights?

Alexander Group maintains a proprietary database of revenue-focused industry benchmarks and practices, sharing it with our research partners and clients. We have collected millions of data points related to sales utilization and revenue growth from thousands of clients and research participants. These data points provide proven indicators of how leading firms achieve exceptional results.

  • We conduct in-depth research with hundreds of revenue organizations each year that reveals insights into marketing, sales, service and revenue operations practices. These indicators prove incredibly valuable to commercial organizations, especially in a changing and volatile operating environment.

  • Alexander Group hosts ongoing events, including roundtable discussions, advisory councils and forums where industry leaders share their experiences and learnings. From general practice to industry-specific, the community provides proven insights and ideas you can use in your own growth plans.

  • We also collect data and gather leading trends from our global client engagements, including insights and expertise on how companies – like yours – conquer new demands.

How Does Your Organization Compare?

Take a look at our current Open Research Opportunities and Research Briefings. Alexander Group has ongoing opportunities to see how your organization compares to the market.

Alexander Group’s research focus includes dynamic insights on new revenue models, resource investments and productivity, go-to-market practices, growth priorities and more.


Research You Can Trust

Alexander Group offers over 35 years of research expertise, serving revenue organizations across industries. Our insights and ability to apply them to your specific organization make this research immediately actionable. Don’t wait another minute to reach your growth plans.